Care instructions


Silver is a very durable and precious metal that when used properly is easy to manage.
Don't hesitate to use cutlery, even for everyday use.

One thing should be remembered. Spoil some water over your utensils if you don't wash them immediately. In particular, sulfur-containing food particles such as eggs are not good if they remain still for long.


Hand Washing offers no problem. Make sure concentrate detergent don't direct the cutlery. Silver is beautiful if it is dried with towel, because it will also get some power poles.


Set of knives with the blade upwards. Other cutlery in silver for themselves in cutlery basket, but don't place them not too tightly. Depending on water quality it may prove to be inappropriate to wash stainless steel cutlery in the same disk game as silver cutlery.

The most important thing in terms of dishwashing is not to directly wash the cutlery from eeg and like dipping them in silver dip. Never leave the cutlery over night even if they have been soaked. Some food particles can stain that goes at depth similar burns. One of the worst in the path are eggs and salmon "gravlaxsås". Sulphur in air is also a great villain.

Ideally, you empty the machine after drying out and hand it to dry needed. Failure to do so should the door open slightly to bleed out excess condensation.


Use your cutlery often! This helps avoid polishing the same frequency.

Sulfur and sulfur compounds of silver are sworn enemies. Sulphur compounds found in certain foods, as some fish and egg yolks. They are also found in air as a due to vehicle exhausts. Sulphur for silver dark and discolored.

But there are now good medicine for sulfur attack on silver. Your jeweler is a number of products quickly and easily remove stains. You can choose between the silver paste and silver polish, solid and liquid. Both products are long lasting - normally you only need to polish your silver twice a year.

To further protect your silver store the best in the special caringcloth available. This sheet contains an impregnation that protects cutlery almost entirely from the attack. Another good tip is to use cutlery.
If you eat with them and drives them daily they are constantly fresh and shiny. Remember that the cutlery is primarily appliances, made to eat with, both for everyday use and special occasions! This will give you greatest joy of your cutlery.

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